Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Calm After the Storm...

Well, I wasn't lying when I said I would be a mess this past Fall. I had ZERO time to blog. Needless to say, there is way too much to catch up with.
So, this will be a short and sweet post. I just feel like with all of the changes happening for us that I need a clean slate...
Like I have said before, I am just getting my feet wet into this whole blogger world and trying to find my spin.

Summer's Ending

As this summer began, I thought I would have mounds of time to accomplish goals and prepare myself with excellent routines and schedules to prevent chaotic moments during the upcoming Fall semester...
I was W. R. O. N. G!!!!!!!!!!
How is it already time for school to start up? I didn't lose any weight (as I just KNEW I would be able to do) ... My house IS slightly more organized than before but only enough that I found even MORE to organize.... I was unable to read as much as I would have liked & my "kitchen" routine has NOT changed one bit. (meaning... I still have not mastered how to cook and grocery shop, successfully)
This summer has been an amazing time. We have been able to grow closer as a family... set future plans... We have been attending a great church, The Vine... & Ava is moving up to PRE-K this Monday!!!
(We even bought 2 little fish, Mikey & Sully)
Overall, I suppose it would be safe to say that too often in life we (meaning, I) become so engulfed with preparing for this and waiting for that... that we I lose sight of what is actually happening right in front of our my eyes!
I would like to say that I will pick up on my blogging consistency... but that would probably be a lie. I will be a crazy mess come next MONDAY. Between student teaching at Murphysboro High School and all the grading & prepping that comes with that... Assistant Coaching the Herrin Middle School Dance Team... Being a mommy & wife (which are extrememly important to me) ... & working every Saturday (while trying to deal with clients texting, calling, facebooking, etc. at randome times and wanting in when they deem necessary... even though I have clearly stated I will not be available for such shananigans... I digress) ... I am going to be OBSOLETE to any and all activity outside of said responsibilities due to an inability to have much brain function past those duties.

I love blogging and will be back into the lovely world of blogging after I GRADUATE in DECEMBER!!!!!!!! FINALLY! 

Till then, much love.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seems to be a pattern...

So, I found time today to FINALLY blog! I decided to glance over my previous posts to ensure I do not repeat any events... when I realize I seem to be creating a pattern with my postings... Each post has fallen within this week of each month. (Subconscious OCD) GREAT! It's getting worse.
It has been awhile since my last blog. It's insane how easily time slips from our grips. This summer has been one of the MOST relaxing summers of my life... Yes, I know... you're thinking: YEAH RIGHT! WE SEE YOUR TWEETS AND FB POSTS... but honestly, I have been driving my brain crazy since Summer '09 with FULL TIME ENGLISH STUDIES and NO BREAK. Work is still great, same as always but MAN, without school, it's a breeeeeze.

I did start coaching (assistant coaching)with Amanda Yates for the Herrin Middle School Dance Team. It's been nice dabbling my feet in a little dance again.
*Aren't they all so tiny??!!*

Once a dancer, always a dancer.

It's truly hard to believe that we were ever this little and *believe it or not*  these girls SEEM to be as innocent as we were at this age!
*Thank the LORD.

So for the girls have conquered UDA camp and 4 practices with me and Amanda as DRILL SERGENT coaches. These girls are GOOD! and we are not easy on 'em. I'm sure there are times they HATE LOOOOVE us.

As for my gorgeous little family, things are pretty chill. Ava, however, DID grab the crown for being the TALLEST girl in her preschool class. She's an INCH taller than ALL of her classmates.
Oh geez.
I really have NO clue where she is getting her growth pattern from. Joe and I are shorties.

Blonde. Blue Eyed. Tall. Tans easily... I wish we knew more people with girls than all these BOYS she's going to be surrounded by... Let's hope a few play the BIG brother role... *Hey, a mommy can hope.

As for me, I spent the weekend with my life-long best friend Kristin Pankey McGinnis in Charlotte, NC.
We has a blast. It's always nice to be around friends that just KNOW you. You don't have to run all over the place or eat at the nicest restraunts or attended the most prestigious clubs to have a good time. A simple glass of wine, a pile of girlie movies, snacks and a few tissues for the "girlie" moments is enough to make a few days seem like an entire summer of fun in the sun with your bestie (just like the good ole' school days). I have yet to upload those photos to my computer, but they are on FB already, so have no fear. 

Well, I need to get off here and continue to organize my life before August rolls around and I'm back off to school. I really do love to blog about our little lives for all of you and will try to update more often.... and create a little more "INTEREST" ... But, you know, we are a simple clan... and you know what they say... ♥   IF AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT.  ♥

* I clean up decent when I want to, eh?! Really, it was just a day that mommy had enough time TO get ready.... *sigh.