Thursday, December 29, 2011

Summer's Ending

As this summer began, I thought I would have mounds of time to accomplish goals and prepare myself with excellent routines and schedules to prevent chaotic moments during the upcoming Fall semester...
I was W. R. O. N. G!!!!!!!!!!
How is it already time for school to start up? I didn't lose any weight (as I just KNEW I would be able to do) ... My house IS slightly more organized than before but only enough that I found even MORE to organize.... I was unable to read as much as I would have liked & my "kitchen" routine has NOT changed one bit. (meaning... I still have not mastered how to cook and grocery shop, successfully)
This summer has been an amazing time. We have been able to grow closer as a family... set future plans... We have been attending a great church, The Vine... & Ava is moving up to PRE-K this Monday!!!
(We even bought 2 little fish, Mikey & Sully)
Overall, I suppose it would be safe to say that too often in life we (meaning, I) become so engulfed with preparing for this and waiting for that... that we I lose sight of what is actually happening right in front of our my eyes!
I would like to say that I will pick up on my blogging consistency... but that would probably be a lie. I will be a crazy mess come next MONDAY. Between student teaching at Murphysboro High School and all the grading & prepping that comes with that... Assistant Coaching the Herrin Middle School Dance Team... Being a mommy & wife (which are extrememly important to me) ... & working every Saturday (while trying to deal with clients texting, calling, facebooking, etc. at randome times and wanting in when they deem necessary... even though I have clearly stated I will not be available for such shananigans... I digress) ... I am going to be OBSOLETE to any and all activity outside of said responsibilities due to an inability to have much brain function past those duties.

I love blogging and will be back into the lovely world of blogging after I GRADUATE in DECEMBER!!!!!!!! FINALLY! 

Till then, much love.

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