Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Few Factoids on "US"

As most of you know, or after following this fabulous blog, will know, life with the Goettings is constantly chaotic. There is always something new and exciting happening in our world.

The Back Story:
Joe and I met on a BLIND DATE! Yes, a blind DATE, and it worked! Joe was finishing design school, I was a wildly driven hairstylist. We're still unsure how "we" work, because we are polar opposites; but, it just does. Then little Ms. Ava came along. She brought direction in every one's life. She is the center of our family and our hearts.
After having Ava, I decided that it was THE PERFECT time to go back and finish my degree... WRONG! ha ha! Yet, I have held on, and dug my feet in the sand to see this degree out to its finality.
I graduate in DECEMBER!!! YEAH!!!!


Oh, Joe... sweet Joe... (aka. Daddeeee) 
He's one of those guys girls stop believing exists once they've left highschool. He's sincere, honest (sometimes to a fault), funny, and loves his family more than I've ever known a man to love his family.
He's currently designing ads, website, logos and so on at Arthur Agency in Carbondale, IL. He absolutely loves what he does. He basically gets to draw and doodle on a computer all day long - Hahaha!
(He'd die if he read that!)

(The kid to Joe's left is my bro...
 I couldn't edit the pic once I
uploaded it for some reason... gar!)

Then we have me....

The Mrs. & The Mommy:

Well, where do we begin. I'm constantly revamping my dreams and desires (house and anything that can be organized... can you say, "O.C.D. or TYPE A personality)! Some may find this exhausting... it is, but it's what I do. I LOVE being inspired. Without passion, everything seems dull. I have been a hairstylist for approximately 6yrs (professionally), and I LOVE what I do. I seem to be pretty decent at busting out some amazing hair, if I do say so why wouldn't I love that!? :) Yet, it is true, I have gone back to school for English Education. I love teaching. I love inspiring students. I was growing bored with hair...(sometimes clients take their stylists for granted and treat them as if they haven't a life of their own... and THAT is EXHAUSTING, as well as frustrating because, if a stylist is anything like me, I put much effort into each of my clients,) and I needed a change... I wanted some sort of financial security... and benefits (HA! Education and security do NOT go together anymore!-just my luck). I am finishing my degree... but as of present, I don't know if I will look very hard for that 1st job. :) ... don't judge me.

Last, but not least, we have our daughter AJ (Ava Jo). I would be a different person if it were not for her (same for J.) There is something to be said about having a child... It brings you back to reality... It grounds you.


This is Ava. The sunshine in so many people's lives. She is
one of a kind that is for sure! She loves her princesses, and loves to sing, LOUD. Her favorite hobbies include: dinosaurs, dirt, running, jumping, her kittykats (Oscar and Alice) and, of course, MOMMY and DADDY. She's a HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss... which could not be because her mommy is in LOVE with him!... we are currently reading "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish" every night before bed... best 15 minutes of my day!

What's to come: 

We've felt that the past three years have been the preface of our journey's story, and we are ready for December to get here so we can turn the page to Chapter 1... and maybe 2 (!)

Life isn't easy - we've established that, but our outlook is "where there is a will there's a way."
We're very excited to have you all follow us as we begin progressing forward in our lives, rather than merely hovering to stay afloat. :)


  1. Love this post!!! Love this blog!!! Love you guys!!!

    Keep posting girl because I will definitely keep reading. :-) I want Goetting baby #2 really soon... just sayin.

  2. I can't wait to read more! You guys are an amazing family and miss seeing you!

  3. Hey Sami,
    Congratulations on entering the blogging world and also being tagged by Kristin for a Lovely Blog Award. A friend and I have a baby blog that you're welcome to check out,

    So glad to see that you're doing well!