Saturday, May 14, 2011

~ Time to Breathe ~

So, I started this blog with full intention of blogging regularly. OBVIOUSLY, I slacked right off the bat. However, since my last post, I have hurdled a few MONUMENTAL obstacles.

April consisted of many hours of studying, cramming, and praying that I would reach the end of the tunnel that was the final semester of classes at SIUC. In the end, I did survive. I took my Content Test for the right-away to student teaching... I PASSED! Thank the LORD! I somehow managed to complete 3 research papers, amongst MANY other tiny papers and a handful of finals. My brain is still throbbing a bit but all is over and done and it is time to MOVE ON! 

This little prayer has evolved into my daily motto!

AJ... UpDaTe:  
Little Miss Ava  has been changing / growing extremely fast lately. It has made mommy and daddy shed a few tears. She is developing into her own little person... WILD, but perfect. Her newest past time consists of converting into a PRINCESS, regularly. It's the greatest feeling watching your daughter becoming the fairy-tale-believing dreamer that I was and, in a way, still am. We watch her playing and have OFFICIALLY decided that she will be receiving a sibling in a VERY NEAR future! :) YEAH!!!!!!
I am NOT preggo yet. But we are planning... We will keep you updated and drop the news as it all happens.
We'll see how well LiTtLe Princess, Ava, handles the idea. LOL!

J - update:

I can't and do not WANT to go too far with this man's updates. HOWEVER, I will say... Joe will be embarking on a PERMANENT display of his love for art, family and AVA! :) Oh yeah!
ALSO, to everyone that watches TV, attends movies or is, for some unknown reason, a die hard IDOT fan: Joe Goetting will be the main actor in their new commercial!!! So, be on the lookout! I'm SURE it will be the GREATEST forum to produce laughter that many have ever known! 

Welp, I am still new to this blogging thing and sometimes feel like I am just word vomiting all over this page... I will get better - I promise! :) 

Till next time! 

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