Thursday, June 2, 2011

That's what I am.

Today I was inspired by a PG movie... _That's What I Am_
I found myself relating very well with the moral of the story. We have all fallen victim to the cruel world of judgement. This movie really drove home the value of dignity amongst and to ourselves and others. Too easily, as a nation- a group- as individuals, we fail to accept others for just WHO they are.
As a future middle school and high-school English teacher, I can only hope I am able to instill this within my future students. I'm not talking about religion or who is more morally righteous than whom. I'm talking about acceptance/tolerance... Not passing judgement on our peers for what they believ, how they react/respond to various situations, what color their skin is or what stereotypes they _fit_ and so on! This world is so royally screwed from everyone's "opinion" on what is right and what is wrong that we have forgotten how to live cordially amongst others.
I _fear_ this world of hate-judgement&opinions. My daughter and future babies are suppose to grow up in this place?! God Bless their souls...
It's sad that the mess that has been created through media and _fads_ is so deeply rooted within our society that I fear it may never recover. I can, however, hope and teach my children and future students the value of (like stated in this movie): _Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace_

Sorry to have went off on a soap box, if you felt that this has been one, but I felt the need to run with it. I find this issue to be the root of all evils and wars,hence my compassion for it erupts.

Let's take an hour of our days to really evaluate how we accept others and try to accept as children, such as my 3yr old, accepts every new person or subject they encounter with curiosity and not animosity.
Then, post to me your results. I'm very interested to read them all!

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