Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer begins now for this family

I think it is safe to say that the summer vibe officially kicked of this weekend... At least for this little busy family.

The Grill.

This, to our family, means we denounced our busy schedule and made time for family fun. We won't talk about the outcome if this meal... Just sayin.

Today we mooched some pool-time off Lindsay Coon's mama's nicely decked pool.

Don't judge my NOT-READY-FOR-SWIMSUIT-SEASON body. I'm major lacking on that department of life currently.
We had a blast.

The baby girls cooked up some "yummy" plastic cuisine ... Of which they would not share with us - yea, I know... How rude! ;)

Once the babies had enough sun and the 'adults' wanted to watch some Cardinals kick some Cubbie bootie (sorry Lindsay).... We enjoyed some indoor fun...

Ava couldn't grasp why Kamy only wanted to hide the pegs rather than actually play the game. But, she played along. :)
After this adventure, we were blessed to be fed by my Mamma-jo (one of the world's finest cooks! Yum!).

We also spent some quality time with a few great guys (and their lovely ladies!) that we rarely get to see anymore... Good weekend.

This little family of ours has been so busy-hectic that we r only just beginning to unwind and decipher where and how to make our next move..... - like finally filling picture frames with actual members of our family and not the great stock photos they came with - Yeah, classy...
Give me a break- we live in a tiny townhouse with little room for storage (awful for a family...and a organizing fanatic like myself).

For now- I need to get off here and dive into my new addiction: the novel, _The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo_ .
Till next time... stay as classy as this lil' beauty: :)

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