Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer is our time for change!

We haven't been up to much lately besides necessary day-to-day activities. Ava keeps growing taller, smarter, and more beautiful with each passing day. Joe is pounding the pavement trying to build a secure financially stable life for us, and I have been doing hair, as always, and finding time to get our lives back to an organized, well oiled,working, invincible,loving, strong family-order. (Was that enough adjectives for everyone?)
A new addition to the mix, which I've mentioned previously on this blog, is Joe's NEW TATTOO!

No worries I documented the entire thing. :)
Here is Joe's virgin skin:

This is giddy Joe driving to his appointment:

Joe, slightly nervous about the pain:

The first mark! He took it like a man. LOL!

Our background entertainment, compliments of Brandon @ Unique Ink:

Joe, realizing he was actually following through with something he has wanted for a very long time:

In a state of bliss over getting a tattoo for his baby girl, Ava:

When we made it home, Ava was still up & before we mentioned anything she ran to Joe & said, "oh my gosh daddy you gota tattoooo! I wuv it!"

Joe dropped a few tears on that one!

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